copper, gold and pearls

by - November 20, 2018

Loft & Aria - Seule Chandelier @FaMESHed
Loft & Aria - Seule Mirror @FaMESHed
Loft & Aria - Seule Dining Chair @FaMESHed
Loft & Aria - Seule Dining Table @FaMESHed
Loft & Aria - Seule Place setting @FaMESHed
Loft & Aria - Seule Runner @FaMESHed
Loft & Aria - Seule Table Top Decor (modified) @FaMESHed
The Loft - Morgan Rug @FaMESHed
The Loft - Hudson Curtains @FaMESHed
Ariskea[Kay Cakes] Pear Glaze Cakes @Uber
Ariskea[Kay Cakes] Bundt Flower Cakes @Uber
Ariskea[Dakota] Paper Flowers [Fall]
Ariskea[Belle] Chou Flower Headband
Ariskea[Versailles] Candle Holder
02 Fancy Decor: Tree Beads RARE
01 Fancy Decor: Copper Ribbon RARE
03 Fancy Decor: Glitter Bauble (copper)
05 Fancy Decor: Glitter Bauble (cream)
08 Fancy Decor: Star Ornament (cream)
13 Fancy Decor: Long Bauble (cream)
15 Fancy Decor: Diamond Bauble (copper)
18 Fancy Decor: Lathe Bauble (copper)
Apple Fall Heritage Christmas Tree - Flocked
Apple Fall Country Hall

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