Le Six Event Oct 6th-20th

by - Oktober 06, 2017

Hey Lovelies,

there is a new Evet coming up at the 6th of October.
What is different about this Event? The prices of the items will be maximum 160LS.
Second, photo contest on Le Sixième Sens will happen each round, only blogger managers of designers at the round will vote for their favorite pictures, the winner will have a free go at the bloggers room the next round.

Le Six Event SURL
Le Six Event Homepage
Le Six Event Facebook Page

Have fun ♥

[ zerkalo ] Winter Dream Dark - Couch PG- 60% Discount @Le Six Event
[ zerkalo ] Winter Dream - Three Pillows - 35% Discount @Le Six Event
[Tia] Rebecca's Garden Shack - Sliding Door Left
Apple Fall Clifton Cast Iron Fireplace (White)
[ zerkalo ] Antique Memories - Antique Clock
[ zerkalo ] Delicate Floor Lamp - White Distressed
Apple Fall Musquee de Provence Pumpkins
Apple Fall Pumpkin - Casper White II
::KKs:: flying curtains - white lace 5

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