grandma`s Gzhel collection

by - September 27, 2019

Inspired by my grandma`s Gzhel collection i decorated this reading corner with the newest release of Fancy Decor, a brand new bookshelf by dust bunny and some 50 LS items at Apple Falls Marketplace. I hope you enjoy it.

     Apple Fall Hollywood Glass Pillar Candles    @MP
     Apple Fall Hollywood Rope Relief Container - Blue Triangles    @MP
     Apple Fall Hollywood 'Different Strokes' Original Artwork    @MP
     Apple Fall Hollywood Rope Relief Container - White     @MP
     Apple Fall Milton Curtains   
     West Village Spring Tulips   
     Apple Fall Althea Rug - Antique Dark   
     Apple Fall Period Coffee Table   
     Apple Fall Pyracantha Berries in Glazed Pot - White   
     Apple Fall Royal Vase Lamp    
     Ariskea[Doucy] Lace curtain  2   
     Dahlia - Concetta - Closed - Tea Tin - Blue   
     dust bunny . potted dragon tree   
     dust bunny . twiggy bookshelf . wide . bronze    @Kustom9
     dust bunny . hanging plants . double planter   
     dust bunny . giant palm plant   
     dust bunny . conch shell planter . gallant group gift   
     Fancy Decor: Giovanni Sofa Bench - White @Uber
     Fancy Decor: Spencer - Delft Plate   
     Fancy Decor: Flora Bowl   
     Fancy Decor: Flora Tulip Vase   
     Fancy Decor: Faline Coffee Table (gold & white)   
     Fancy Decor: Colleen Urn    
     Nutmeg. Mug Gzhel V2   
     Nutmeg. Orchard Harvest Blueberries   
     Nutmeg. Orchard Harvest Grapes   
     Nutmeg. Mug Gzhel V1   
     Nutmeg. Pitcher Gzhel   
     Nutmeg. Rattan Tote Carry, Light Blue   
     Nutmeg. Disarray Round Wooden Table  
Building: West Village Belgravia Skybox

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