Home&Garden Decorating Competition

by - März 30, 2019

Hey Lovelies,

today i want to ask you to visit the Home&Garen Expo 2019.
Why? Because of the RFL H&G Expo Decorating Competition.

I had the pleasure to be able to decorate one of 16 houses in a decorating competition. For me it was more a challenge for myself because decorating a house is totally different than decorating for a picture

I dont ask you to vote for my house, i ask you to take a look at the 16 houses and vote for the house you like the most because every vote goes to RFL. The kiosks are placed in front of every house.
Every Linden you pay into the kiosks counts as a vote – you can vote as much and as often as you like, and you can vote for as many houses as you want!

Thank you so so much 

SURL: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Hope%202/139/45/27
Website: https://slhomegardenexpo.com/decorating-contest/ 
RFL: https://slhomegardenexpo.com/relay-for-life-of-second-life/

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