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by - August 01, 2018

I am close to my vacations *yay me*
Sometimes it`s surprising how my images and up. I had a totally different scene in mind when i started decorating for this pic. But i am happy what it looks like, i wish there was a place in rl like this, so much peace and calm in it that you just want to read a book, drink a cup of tea and do nothing...

Stockholm&Lima:Vanilla Dreams LoveSeat @FaMESHed
Granola. Antique Painted Door. White Distressed Lg. EXCLUSIVE @FaMESHed
hive dust // daisy table
hive dust // book clutter
hive dust // milk jug daisies
Nutmeg. Old Suitcases Pink
Nutmeg. Old Purse
Nutmeg. Rug Creme, Group Gift
JIAN Ragdoll Cat Collection :: Wanderer (Rez me!)
BAZAR Stockholm-Sneakers decor (female)
Apple Fall Blossom Wreath
dust bunny . potted cheese plant
*LODE* Decor - Lily of the Valley
1 Prim Mesh Flower Bush
kks 2 lace curtain - flying 4
Scarlet Creative Harry Pottering Shed
Heart - Wild Flowers - Quenn Ann's Lace - P4
*alirium* DwarfForest [OldGold]

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