Pocketgacha - This changes everything

by - Juli 26, 2017

I am so excited! This is a brand new way of playing gacha.

"No more lag. No more hours wasted with full sims and failed teleports. Play gacha releases each month from Second Life’s most celebrated creators. Anywhere you want. Anytime you wish. The newest event that is offered as a HUD based shopping experience brings Gacha to your home or anywhere you want to play. Learn more about this entire new way to shop in Second Life."
This is what the makers of POCKETGACHA say on their website http://www.pocketgacha.com/main/

There are 4 easy steps to be part of it:

1. Get Your Hud
    Join the Group (no cost) and get your hud automatically at the 15th of each month at 7am SLT

2. Add your Hud
    Add your Pocketgacha Hud to the screen and start playing

3. Choose your style
    You can decide if you want to pay with lindens directly (you have to give the Hud the permission to do that ) or you can buy tokens at any Pocketgacha Kiosk

4. Play Gacha
    Play your favorite designers Gacha!

Here’s your chance to win one of three prizes – 15k, 10k and 5k’s worth of tokens to play at the first round of POCKET GACHA. Just join the POCKET GACHA group. The winner will be randomly drawn and announced on Monday, August 7th. That’s a week before the start of the opening round so you’ll already have the tokens to spend.
Group members will also get automated HUD deliveries each month, special notifications and updates, and future contest entries as they happen.


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