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by - April 24, 2017

Cosmopolitan Items used  (@Cosmopolitan 24th April - 6th May ) :
[DD] Lace bed (PG) COPY
[DD]Table COPY
[DD]Letters tied with string COPY
[DD]Lace candle COPY
[DD] Mirror COPY
TLC Jack Russel In Box
TLC Dalmation looking at cookie on table
TLC Sleepy Dalmation
!Six o'clock! Coloured Armchair
!Six o'clock! Coloured Drawers
!Six o'clock! Coloured Bags
3 KraftWork Pet Shop Toys Live Love Bark
9 KraftWork Pet Shop Toys Good Dog Frame
5 KraftWork Pet Shop Toys Bowls and Toys

Hello Tuesday 25.04.17 item used:
:: N :: Aegis Occasional Chair, White Painted (Adult)

other items used:
[ARIA] Adelaide round shag rug
::KKs:: flying curtains - white lace 1

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